BSL-3 Laboratory

KUISCID BSL-3 laboratory consists of three separate working units with negative pressure designed in accordance with European Union Standards. The airflow is directed from the clean area to the interior rooms where the infectious agents are produced and studied so that the dirty air is kept in the internal rooms and is delivered out of the hospital through filtration systems through a separate ventilation duct. Each working unit has its own biosafety cabinet, cooling, and incubator system.

While the researchers are working in the BSL-3 laboratory, they work with fully protected laboratory clothing, PAPR (fully enclosed battery-powered ventilation system). BSL-3 laboratory adheres to international biosafety standards in terms of establishment and application procedures. The BSL-3 laboratory was certified by an international independent organization.

In the BSL-3 unit, the “Celigo Image Cytometry” system, which enables phase contrast and fluorescence imaging in 2D and 3D cell models, inverted microscopes, automated cell imaging systems are used for the research with bio-risk level 3 viral pathogens.