Director’s Message
Emerging infections is a challenging public health problem of the world. Having more than one third of all the Nobel prizes in the field of infections and immunity shows the significance of it on the scientific development. We worked on a variety of emerging infections in Koç University School of Medicine since 2010, but the COVID-19 pandemic has an extraordinary impact on all of us and functioned as a lens over the challenging problems of infectious diseases. Such a crisis in the world forced us to increase the capacity. As a responsible institution İşbank supported us for such a difficult mission. We increased our capacity in research, education and dissemination of the information on the infectious diseases and its related disciplines such as microbiology, immunology, epidemiology, public health, and all other related fields such as sociology, quantitative methods, psychology and economics. We are a center locating at the core of many related disciplines: from field to hospital beds, from bed to bench. Challenging public health problems will be in our focus. We will bring the hypothesis from the field to our laboratories to harvest the solution back. We will increase our horizontal and vertical network. We feel enthusiastic by thinking and sensing our many graduated students all over the world. We all say, “The science is the only true guide in life”.
Prof. Önder Ergönül

Director of KUISCID