PhD Student in Cellular and Molecular Medicine, Koc University

MSc Medical Microbiology, Kingston University of London

Biomedical Sciences-Haematology, Beta thalassemia Research, University of Malta

BSc Medical Biochemistry, Kingston University of London

BVMedsci Prelim-Foundation Degree, University of Nottingham

I have joined Koç University in 2020 as a PhD student to focus on antimicrobial resistance, tolerance and persistence mechanisms in the emerging gram-negative pathogens, especially Acinetobacter baumannii. My research interests consist of antibiotic-resistant gram-negative pathogens, lactic acid bacteria that are being widely used as probiotics, impact of antibiotic consumption on lactic acid bacteria, gut microbiota, possible impact of vaginal microbiota on HPV infections and whole genome sequencing and analysis of the aforementioned pathogens in silico.