KUISCID September 2022 Newsletter
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This is a monthly newsletter from KUISCID. We present our research output and news about our activities.

Is COVID-19 a Risk for Preterm Birth?

Our researchers have published their research on the relationship between preterm birth and vaginal microbiota in “Journal of Medical Virology”’ being one of the most prestigious journals of the area. Their findings appear as the first published study for such a correlation. We congratulate our researchers.

Click here for details of the research explained by Gülin Özcan.

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Our Favipiravir Study Now Appears in Ministry of Health Guideline

Study of KUISCID researchers and medical students showing the inefficiency of favipiravir against COVID-19 was cited as the first source by the Ministry of Health guideline of COVID-19 infection treatment.

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National Conference: Infectious Diseases and Intensive Care Physicians

Current situations of gram negative bacterial infections in intensive care units were evaluated in the meeting to discuss the clinical outcomes. Physicians emphasized the rational antibiotic use due to drastic increase in antibiotic resistance. Moderators of the meeting were KUISCID Director Prof. Önder Ergönül and Prof. Nahit Çakar.


Check out The Science Academy’s First ebook “Meraklısına Bilim 2021”.

Science Academy unites science enthusiasts with its new book. The ebook was compiled of various publications (from sarkac.org) of scientists, including KUISCID Director Prof. Önder Ergönül as well. COVID-19 and its impacts on our lives, economics, politics and artificial intelligence are the highlights of the book. You can reach the ebook from the websites of GoogleBooks and kobo.com (The book is in Turkish.)