KUISCID April 2023 Newsletter
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APRIL 2023
This is a monthly newsletter from KUISCID. We present our research output and news about our activities.

KUISCID Represents Turkey in Europe

This year, 156 abstracts were submitted to ECCMID 2023 (European Congress of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases) from Türkiye out of which 76 of them were accepted as poster and oral presentations. KUISCID had 20 presentations with 15 of them being posters and 5 being oral presentations, with an acceptance rate of 26%. It is our honor to represent our country in Europe, together with increasing our presentation number year by year.


Broadening Our International Collaborations

Our researchers presented their work “The effect of COVID-19 on antibiotic resistance” which was a collaborative study with Oxford University, as 2 posters in ECCMID 2023. During the congress, our team also had a meeting with the Oxford team to evaluate future collaborations and we are happy to announce we will be starting a new 3-year project with Oxford University. The details of the project can be followed in the future newsletters.

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Respiratory Viral Infections in Patients Older Than 65-Years

Assoc. Prof. Şiran Keske gave a speech on symptoms, risk factors and treatment of respiratory viral infections in patients older than 65 years in ECCMID 2023. Dr. Keske pointed out the severity of the disease seen in some patient groups. Especially in patients who are older than 65 years, increased mortality rates as well as hospitalization in intensive cares as a result of RSV, influenza or metapneumoviral infection. Considering these factors, the importance of rapid diagnosis and appropriate treatment was emphasized once more.


Prof. Füsun Can as ECCMID 2024 Program Committee Member

KUISCID Vice Director Prof. Füsun Can was selected as a Programme Committee Member for ECCMID 2024. Prof. Can will be organizing the scientific contents of the congress. We congratulate Prof. Can’s membership as this will be influential for our future collaborations.


KUISCID Being Recognized Internationally

The trailer video of KUISCID, which is a Collaborative Center of ESCMID was shown in ECCMID 2023 in the congress areas. With 16,000 participants, the platform provided a fruitful opportunity for further networking and sharing research between centers.

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COVID-19 Guidelines Updated

European Society of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases (ESCMID) prepared 2 different guidelines of COVID-19 diagnostics and treatment in April 2022. With KUISCID Vice Director Prof.Füsun Can being one of the authors, the guideline is revised with current updates and published in Clinical Microbiology and Infection (CMI) Journal. 

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How Did COVID Affect Immunosuppressant Patients?

The Lancet Research Committee together with KUISCID Director Prof. Önder Ergönül published their study “Vaccines and therapeutics for immunocompromised patients with COVID-19” in eClinicalMedicine Journal.

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KUISCID Directors evaluated the ECCMID 2023 after the congress.They analyzed the presented studies and discussed the current situation of research in clinical microbiology and infectious diseases. Their talk pointed out the leading role of KUISCID in Turkey as well as its contribution in Europe. 

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Executive Board Member Prof. Alpay Azap Visited KUISCID

Prof. Alpay Azap, who is one of KUISCID Executive Board Members, visited KUISCID and shared his notes on ECCMID 2023. In the meeting, our researchers discussed the clinical and lab research with Prof. Azap and brainstormed for future studies.